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    Shane Burge


    Born & Raised:

    Shane was born in McPherson KS and attended elementary at Roosevelt. Shane and his family moved to Little River Kansas for the remainder of his Middle/ High School.



    Shane is married, has two daughters and one son.


    About Shane:

    Shane is a Marine Corps combat Veteran. He joined right out of high school and served four years in California making multiple deployments to Iraq. Shane re-enlisted for another four years and moved to North Carolina to teach infantry tactics for three years. The last year Shane was in the Marines he volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan. Upon his return to the States he spent his last six months teaching Marines how to assault buildings and urban environments.


    After Shane got out of the Marines he moved his family to Colorado to try his hand at a “normal” job. This adventure only lasted about six months before he went back to what he really knows. He started working for a company as private security in Baghdad, Iraq.


    Private contracting afforded Shane the ability to build the capital he needed to start BuySupps. BuySupps started as a supplement store with a small gym and evolved to be a 24hr. gym with a supplement store.


    Shane’s feels his biggest professional accomplishes are not during his time of serving his country, but serving his community as a fitness coach. Giving a mother the freedom to play with her children again is far more rewarding than money.


    Fun Fact:

    Shane can shred on the ukulele!

    Brady Eberhart


    Born and Raised: Grew up and lived in Yale, OK graduating from Yale High School in 2014.

    College: Attended McPherson College on a basketball scholarship playing for 2 years and graduated in the fall of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in PE/Health Science

    About Brady: Brady grew up in a small little farm town in central Oklahoma. Basketball and athletics were instilled in him at an early age by both of his parents who were former basketball players. Brady became part of the BuySupps team in the summer of 2018 after helping acquire some of the new equipment for the new facility that you see today. His favorite part about the gym and business is being able to help and see people accomplish their own goals that they have set for themselves. Brady enjoys working with younger athletes to help develop basic strength and agility movements.

    Fun Fact: Brady can still dunk a basketball!

  • About Us

    BuySupps is a Marine Veteran, family, and locally owned establishment. Every Gym says their contracts have no hidden fees or fine print, but history and experience have shown us otherwise. We are no different in the fact that we promise our contracts have no hidden fees or fine print. Where we do differ is by actually backing that promise up. We refuse to compromise our integrity just to make a dollar. When we make you a promise, we follow it up, period.

    Now, with that out of the way let’s talk about why you are missing out not being a member of BuySupps. The gym is 24hr access, we offer a wide variety of equipment and free weights. We have plenty of dumbbells, free weights, adjustable benches, squat racks, and deadlift platforms. There should be a time you have to wait for someone to finish up with the weights you need.

    The gym was designed in order for you to choose your exercise style, whether that be bodybuilding, CrossFit, Power Lifting, or speed and agility. We have a 25yd. drag of turf with a prowler, pullsled, battle ropes, heavy bag, and a ton of other accessories. A lot of the machines we have are rare to see at a traditional “health club”, to name a few, we have a belt squat, vertical leg press, reverse hyper, and many more. At the end of the day if you can’t improve your fitness level at BuySupps you aren’t training correctly, but no worries. We have a fix for you in our personal trainers to team up with to get on the right track.

    We have an in-house supplement store that offers only top-notch products. If we wouldn’t take it ourselves, we won’t carry it. Additionally, we have a Chiropractor at BuySupps Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to get you lined up so you can perform at your optimal performance.

    As you can see, we take this business very seriously. Now, it’s your choice to take your health and fitness as serious as we do. We welcome and phone calls, emails, or drop-ins. We would be more than welcome to give a tour of our paradise and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

    Mission Statement

    Our one and only mission at BuySupps is to provide our customers high-quality, low priced, nutritional supplements that will help them meet their training and health goals. We pride ourselves in helping our customers make the INFORMED decision on what products are the best fit for them and their health and fitness goals. We thoroughly enjoy teaching and training men and women how to become more physically fit along with living a long healthy lifestyle.

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